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This is kind of a B-sides EP. We recorded all three of these tracks for production projects at Berklee, and wanted to put them out as a singular release. The dudes that recorded and produced these tracks are the best gentlemen and are really talented at what they do, hence "Finestkinds".

Veins - An exclusive track to this EP
I Believe In Technology - A re-recording of the song off our first EP
Pigskins - A brand new instrumental track from our full length

www.mediafire (dot) com/?2fio6xxuakiyxsl


released November 15, 2012

I Kill Giants is:
Dylan Hanwright - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Lee - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Koechel - Bass
Sander Bryce- Drums
Matt Hull - Trumpet on "Pigskins"

"Veins" and "I Believe In Technology" recorded/produced by Joe Ulmer
"Pigskins" recorded/produced by Zach Weeks
All tracks engineered by Ben Walding




I Kill Giants Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Veins
I heard we're neighbors now
I guess some things just work out
So look me in the eye
And say that what you said is exactly what you meant

It feels good just to breathe
Just to stretch my legs and fall asleep
If it slips through my teeth
That i'm just too tired, just ignore me

We'll sell our blood together
We can put it into one bag
Let's keep our veins tangled forever
So we never find our bodies detached
So tell me, how was your summer?
Mine was just fine.
And when I turn to run away,
You'll always bring me back behind.

What did you learn,
And what were you born to do?
You were the hero,
Meant to save someone, or something.

Why did you come back?
Why did you come home?
Do broken hearts attract?
Do broken hearts still stay intact to broken hearts?

I'm sleeping in (the sun's down)
Track Name: I Believe In Technology
Sitting alone in the back of a truck
where I found her sinking her head
I'm finding I don't have the stomach to leave
I'm finding I don't have the balls to get up and go

A full tank and a bottle of scotch
I swear I don't belong with the ghost upstairs
But when the decoy sputters and stops on the bridge
I turn around and start to drive home

She holds the gun to my head
And then she asks me
"What do I do next?"
But darling, I don't know.

She pulls the trigger back
"You'd better tell me"
I sigh and take a breath,
"Darling please go home."

"You'll be alright", she said, "Don't panic."
"Don't let it get to your head,
We've got a long ways to go."

Seven raindrops on her forehead
I count them falling one by one
And when she kissed me on the forehead
I heard a gunshot and down she goes.