Let It Out

by I Kill Giants

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released September 30, 2011

Recorded/Produced by Chris Arellano at Berklee College of Music



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


I Kill Giants Boston, Massachusetts

For booking information, contact us @ ikillgiantsma@gmail.com

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Track Name: Covaleski
Let it out.
Track Name: I Believe In Technology
Sitting alone in the back of a truck
where I found her sinking her head
I'm finding I don't have the stomach to leave
I'm finding I don't have the balls to get up and go

A full tank and a bottle of scotch
I swear I don't belong with the ghost upstairs
But when the decoy sputters and stops on the bridge
I turn around and start to drive home

She holds the gun to my head
And then she asks me
"What do I do next?"
But darling, I don't know.

She pulls the trigger back
"You'd better tell me"
I sigh and take a breath,
"Darling please go home."

"You'll be alright", she said, "Don't panic."
"Don't let it get to your head,
We've got a long ways to go."

Seven raindrops on her forehead
I count them falling one by one
And when she kissed me on the forehead
I heard a gunshot and down she goes.
Track Name: Free Gummy Bears
When I wake up,
I'll be alone with an old phone number.
No unbroken bones, no healthy lungs, no.

When the radiator howls
Like a thousand homeless mutts
And I'm wondering if I'll get through the week on twenty bucks
And I think nothing's wrong.

I couldn't find you,
Making your way down to the sea
January, mid-month, with the brightest of teeth

When I wake up,
To a siren six stories below
The dry-cleaner's number on an old, stained, yellow sticky note.

And we've all got no place to go
There's a light in the basement
And the devil waits for you at home
And you don't wanna face him
Track Name: Something About Gnarwals
Fifteen times a day
We cross paths and turn away
On the long way home.

My idea's an ocean,
And your words are bullets
And lucky for me,
All oceans are bulletproof
But oceans can harm you.

You want to stay here (but I can't)
You want to live here (but I can't)
You want to die here (but I can't)
You see the silver lining (but I don't)
Track Name: Appa
What do you take me for, Miss Mary Anne?
With your shaky hands..

On my mother's grave.

What are you waiting for?
On your kitchen floor, on your bathroom door.
Our hands can do what we want them to,
But we came unglued and we fell into
Two beautiful glass pieces.

I made you a promise and I can keep it.
When our fathers are dead and our mothers moved on.

People will hide underground and pray for us
When everything falls down.

I made you a promise and I can keep it.
When our fathers are dead and our mothers moved on.
You made me a promise and I believed it
Like a reject,
I'll hide underground
Hide from it all.
Track Name: Balance
Hiding from the world
At the bottom of the sea
When the water fills your lungs
I'll be there to watch you sink.

I'd been hiding for so long
I'd forgotten how to breathe
And when I reached the surface
There was nothing left of me.
So I sank down and back to sleep.

And now the balance is off
And now the balance is all off.
I'm always writing this song
There's always something to fall on.

Let it out. Let it all out.
Don't think about it.
Let it out.