We Can Live In The Exact Same Place

by I Kill Giants

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These songs mean a whole lot to us, and we worked really hard on them these past few months. We realize how short they are, and that wasn't an accident. We hope you can appreciate them as much as we do!

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released May 10, 2012

Recorded & Mixed in Dylan's bedroom
Mastered by Zach Weeks

Songs by I Kill Giants except:
-"Song for Lu Ten" (Jeremy Zuckerman)
-"Secret Tunnel" (Jeremy Zuckerman)

Guest vocals on "Life Instead of Sleep" & "Sleep Instead of Life" by Adriana Lee
Guest vocals on "Secret Tunnel" by Abbey Hickman

I Kill Giants is:
Dylan Hanwright - Vocals/Guitar
Chris Lee - Vocals/Guitar
Nick Koechel - Bass
Sander Bryce - Drums




I Kill Giants Boston, Massachusetts

For booking information, contact us @ ikillgiantsma@gmail.com

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Track Name: Life Instead of Sleep
We hold together pieces of the sun for each other, and take them home to keep. There's so much left to see. Someday I'd like to fall asleep.
Track Name: Sleep Instead of Life
He said something kind, but I couldn't pay attention.
I'm not alright, but that's okay. I'll be fine, just not today.
I'll stay inside my room, my pillow's my own best friend.
I'm not alright, but that's okay. I'll be fine, just not today.
Track Name: A Safe Return
They always say that the rain looks beautiful as it slides down your windshield. Well I'm not really sure. It reminds me too much of the car wash on Washington Avenue, how it always looked like the mouths of monsters hiding under my bed. They used to say that there were skeletons under there. Well if there were, they would be in the shapes of teddy bears. I used to call them my guardians; I used to call them my best friends. But nowadays, I call them donations. Nowadays, I stare at raindrops dripping down my windshield, forming the shape of hearts and pavements. I'm not really sure what the shape of pavements looks like. But I'm sure it's nice.
Track Name: This Conversation Didn't Go How I Hoped It Would Go
Don't put me back on the shelf. Just another page in the book about yourself--you read me too well. My own hell.
Track Name: Bed Bath & Beyond
You said, "Guess who I ran into the other day? I thought I'd never see her face again. Didn't think her 'rents would still be with her." I said, "That's great, man. I probably won't see you again for a couple months. If you've got anything to say I'm probably listening."
Track Name: Song for Lu Ten
Leaves from the vine, falling so slow
Like fragile tiny shells, drifting in the foam
Little soldier boy, comes marching home
Brave little soldier boy, comes marching home
Track Name: Thank You (Out Loud)
This is one big fucking competition.
This is wearing me down to adolescence.
This is where I found out I'm not alone;
This is where I realized I'm not special.
Track Name: Secret Tunnel
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